Participation in the project: Composer

Occupation: Composer

Hobbies: I like watching films, playing in bands, playing some unusual sports such as trampolining and climbing. I also love exploring other cultures and arts would like to travel more.

Reflective Log

As a composer, mainly in media,  I have written music for many films and documentaries. When I saw the ad, I thought by volunteering to write some music for the project, this would be nice way to give something back to the UK Chinese community. As I was brought up in the UK, my particular career path has been influenced by not only my music education in this country but also by my underlying Asian culture and ethnics (being aspired by composers such as Tan Dun and Toru Takemitsu) as well as opportunities from the UK Chinese arts community in the UK.

Throughout the project, I have been impressed with not only the interviewees who have proved to show their determination and own belief to become so successful in their field, but also the rest of the team who has given so much into the project on a voluntary basis.

I have met some very enthusiastic and creative people from different fields in the team which has been a joy to work with. I also wanted to learn more about Chinese history in the UK which this scheme has provided. It is also great to observe a variety of rising and successful Chinese people in this country and I feel it is important to provide some role models for the next generation of British Chinese people.