Participation in the project: Chief Photographer and Driver

Occupation: Accountant

Hobbies: Travelling, Music; Computing and Photography

Reflective Log

When I signed up as a volunteer for this project, it did not cross my mind that I would have to spend so much time and effort. Initially I just thought it would be a fun project to do, a chance for me to meet new people, visit new places and improve my photographic skill. How mistaken I was!

I am one of the amateur photographers in the project. Taking photos is relatively easy task, but taking good photos is a skill. There are so many things one needs to pay attention to when taking pictures. On top of composition and lighting there are settings like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance etc., etc. to worry about. During the field trip I tried to put some of the theories I learnt into practice, but because of the severe cold weather, my fingers were all frozen up, I just got lazy and returned to the old habit of using the auto function and point and shoot.

I was very fortunate to have our chief artist with us during the trip, apart from making a long lasting friendship, he was there giving me constant guidance on composition and lighting. That was a great help.

Apart from enduring the cold weather, I had to visit cemeteries to take pictures of the Chinese grave yards, I did not enjoyed those assignments, but I have learnt to be a good team player, I have to go with the flow and follow orders from our project manager.

I thought my duty as a photographer for the project ended after all the site visits but I was un-expectedly called to help out on photo selection and editing and I spent many weekends at Ming-Ai doing that. I even had to learn to convert photos into video albums which is outside my comfort zone.

On reflection, apart from the cold weather and the visits to the cemeteries, I did enjoy the project very much. We met many people on our journey and listened to their interesting stories; we even managed to meet Alan Williams, the first manager / agent of the Beatles in one of the places we visited in Liverpool. What a chance!