Participation in the project: Interviewer

Occupation: Medical Services

Hobbies: Cycling, Reading and Learning Mandarin Chinese

Reflective Log

I met you for the first time today.
An angry woman.
A sad woman.
‘Injustice’, you said
I wanted to understand.
You tried to tell me.
You tried to explain.

But I wanted to hold you so you could escape that pain and sadness.
I wanted to comfort you in your suffering.
I wanted to say it was going to be alright.
I wanted to tell you ‘it wasn’t so bad’.
It was okay – you were right to be angry.
You needed some comfort.
I could feel that.

But what did I know of your anger and your pain?
You had been there
You had lived it
You had cried the angry tears of frustration
You had raged at the unfairness of it all.
You had said that nobody deserved to be treated like that.

And you were right of course.
What did I know of the pain, the loneliness, and the suffering of the immigrant?
The cruelty of the ‘snakeheads’?
What did I know of your anger at the injustice of it all?
The pain you had felt in the eyes of the desperate, the exploited, the poor, the ‘undocumented person’..?

And yet… there was hope in your eyes.
Deep within your soft brown eyes… there was hope.
You nearly cried.
I wanted to reach out to you again, to take your hand in mine.
To stroke your hair and whisper softly… okay… okay… it will be okay… until you had cried it all.

You told me more of your story.
A bitter tale of greed and the despair of the lost.
‘The world must know’ you said.
And you had told them.
Some had listened for a while but then forgotten.
Most had not heard you.
But they would - in times to come.
We both knew they would.
Sometime in the future…

I heard you in your anger.
I felt you in your need.
I touched you in your pain.
There was hope.
And there was, at last, connection between us.
We both believed.

For you have done a great thing.
You have made a difference.
You should be proud.
There is hope.


Editor's Note:  Ms Hsiao-Hung Pai also wrote a reflection on the interview.