Participation in the project: Researcher and Artist

Occupation: Artist/Researcher PhD student researching Liverpool Chinatown

Hobbies: Art, Reading and Dancing. People and Music now listening to the The Delphonics and It's Immaterial.

Reflective Log

I had the flu the day the team arrived in Liverpool greeted by a lazy wind, a freezing wind the kind that goes right though you not around.
Clear sky.
Horses on the River Mersey.
I stood outside the Maritime Museum at Albert Dock and waited for the team to arrive.
I went inside and waited under a heater.
The automatic door opened and shut every time I moved my foot or arm.
Introductions and coffee
Cameras, flash and short stories
High temperature/itinerary for the day
A strategy put into place to;

The journey and settlement of those that came before, those that stayed and those that left and the others;
Forced to leave in the dead of night leaving their families behind
1.   Exhibition – Art of the Sea Paintings.
2.   Archive
3.   Ocean Archive
4.   Liverpool University History Project photographs x 3 brown boxes
5.   The River / Ferry
6.   The Liver Buildings
7.   Chinese Monument
8.   Cunard building
9.   Old Chinatown
10. Rope Walks
11.  Chinatown
12.  Nook Pub Nelson Street
13.  Lunch (Chicken Feet tempted by a whisky for the high temperature)
14.  Elders Lunch in restaurant Duke Street
15.  Wah Sing Chinese Community Centre, Duke Street
16.  The Chinese Pagoda Henry Street
17.  End of Tour. Friends/History made.
18.  Research begins.

Artist/Researcher PhD student researching Liverpool Chinatown