Participation in the project: Field Trip Driver

Occupation: Financial Services

Hobbies: Travelling and Reading

Reflective Log

How to apply formulae to the project?

In mathematics, a formula is an entity constructed using symbols and formation rules of a given logical language. In science, a formula is a concise way of expressing information symbolically (as in a mathematical or chemical formula), or a general relationship between quantities. Such formulae are the key to solving an equation with variables. In mathematics, the Order of Operations is PEMDAS:

  • P = Parathesis
  • E = Exponent
  • M = Multiplication
  • D = Division
  • A = Addition
  • S = Subtraction

In the Project’s field trip, the Project Order of Operations, just remember this word – WRITE:

  • W = Weather (coldness to bear)
  • R = Reality (budget to keep)
  • I = Imagination (new way to do)
  • T = Tolerance (hard way to learn)
  • E = Echo (reflect to prepare)

From here we go to the Project Formula = 3S+3D+3I

  • S = Safety (seat belt, rest, and concentration)
  • S = Speed (car speed, project progress, and how soon to fall asleep)
  • S = Supply (petrol, knowledge, patience, and teamwork)
  • D = Distance (between cars, cities, and people)
  • D = Destination (to cities, outcomes, and ending)
  • D = Discipline (in punctuality, manner, and order)
  • I = Ideas (originality, creativeness, and innovation)
  • I = Individuality (me, you and us)
  • I = Itinerary (planning, review, and preparation)


Little notes of the project field trip operations:

  • Days of travelling = 8 days
  • Night spent in the hotel = 7 nights
  • Members of the team = 4 females plus 4 males
  • Cities visited = 9 cities
  • Miles on the road = 1300 miles
  • Petrol polluted the world = 400 litres
  • Hours on the road = forgot to count…