Participation in the project: Translator

Occupation: Freelance Interpreter and Translator

Hobbies: I like watching movies, reading, learning languages, playing tennis, having free time to myself at home and enjoying the rare sunshine in London!

Reflective Log

I thought it would be an exciting project when I first saw the ad. Expecting to learn a lot from working with a new group of people and acquire new sets of skills, I was thrilled at enrolment.

The orientation was a bit far to reach since I had to travel across the city centre to an unfamiliar area on the London tube map. It turned out to be alright because I came across a big shopping mall where a nice pair of knee high boots was finally found!

It was quite exciting to be a part of the team when everyone was keen in contributing to the discussion in the first training, especifically we have volunteers from different corners of the world, from all walks of life. However, I had a feeling that the level of involvement would be restricted by the role one chose, which is sensible since no decision will be made if the number of decision makers is too high.

As I had forseen that on a voluntary basis, it was unlikely for me to commit much time considering that I was working full time and had booked a long holiday home immediately at the beginning of the project. I then chose to be a translator using my existing skills in the hope that it would lead to a further improvement and a website designer in which I had had some experience and wanted to increase the level of proficiency. An interviewer role would have been more challenging with more opportunity in learning though it was not precisely what my interest was.

After I came back from my vacation, I had to sort out my employment due to personnel re-organisation. I was not contacted for the web designing training at all. I felt curious about it but was too pre-occupied with other things in life to act on it. Later on, the Coordinators got in touch with me for the translation of the timeline, I was thinking of arranging time to work on it; however, it was not delivered to me by the time I was writing my reflective log. Therefore, overall, I have not pitched in as much as I would have wanted. Hopefully, the information I provided on request have been useful!

The ups of participating in this project are that I have met new people and have been happy communicating with them. Hopefully, the connection will lead to other exciting projects or cooperations in the near future. The downs inevitably are the lack of contact between myself and the team and it resulting in me not being as involved as possible.

I think it is a bliss if one can volunteer without feeling the pressure of finance and it was a major problem for me when I had to resolve problems at work and could not pay enough attention to the project. There are generally many things I would like to try and would not mind volunteering to get involved, but the reality is that London is expensive! Well...well...til next time.