Participation in the project: Website Design

Occupation: Web Designer

Hobbies: Enjoy music, movies, books, photo, and food

Reflective Log

I have known Chungwen and Aubrey for quite a long time, and i like to work with them because they are passionated about what they do and can always find the interesting side of what they are doing.

For me, it is a pleasure journey working with Ming-ai team from the last project,  East West Festive Cultures, to the Evolution and History of British Chinese Workforce this time..

I like to listen to stories, especially those based on story teller's true experience. So I have to thanks for the  project team for collecting all these wonderful stories. From the interviewers' stories, I started to learn what happened in their time, and feel like experiencing what they were experiencing.  The team collected documents, photos, audio, video materials related to the history, and make the stories more vivid, and my job is to present all these materials on the the project website, and I want to make all these interesting materials well organised and make the website easy to use, even for computer beginners.

It took me some time to go through all the materials but I found it quite enjoyable.. and I am stilling working on it and also learning the British Chinese history from it (to be continued…)