Participation in the project: Video Editor and Interviewer

Occupation: Student


Reflective Log

"The Evolution and History of British Chinese Workforce" Project was an unforgettable and exciting experience for me. It is my great honor to be one of the volunteers. During the project, I interviewed Joseph Wan, the CEO of Harvey Nicholas. Although I had some experience before with my documentary subject, the interview for this project was quite different. As an oral history interview, it is very important to listen to the interviewees’ original experience and memories. Sometimes the description can be subjective and private. But that is how the history constitutes—with individual’s contribution. Joseph Wan is a very nice gentleman and he has patiently shared his experience about how was the situation of Chinese workforce has developed dramatically in UK since 1970s. The stories from 30 years ago are no longer strange to me as I heard the first-hand information from Joseph Wan. From his narrative, I can nearly imaging what was the Chinese workers life in that period. Therefore the history became vivid and alive and impressive. As a result, I believe that the oral history project provides a great chance not only for us but also the younger generations to remember the history and learn from it. Indeed, history as a mirror that reflects the past, the present and the mirror. The project is never end as the history continues. We will be the protagonists and tell the story of our memory. History is the best inheritance.