Participation in the project: Interviewer

Occupation: Office Administration

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Martial Art, Socializing, Reading, and Spiritualist

Reflective Log

As soon as I saw the email from Ming-Ai inviting people to apply for different positions for the project “The Evolution and History of British Chinese Work Force”, I thought that that was interesting.  As this would give me an opportunity to experience something different from office administration, I would like to grab hold of this opportunity.

I have always been fascinated by the way famous interviewers speak and react during interviews .  As I am a sociable person and enjoy meeting and talking to people, immediately I thought I would like to apply for the position of interviewer.

I was given some training on how to do the interview.  As this was an oral history, so this was quite different from what I expected.   The interviewees would be the one who did most of the talking.

I interviewed Professor Ma who is an experienced professional in historical medicine.  Before the interview, I expressed my concern over completing the whole interview within one hour.  As Professor Ma has been in this field for a long time, he would have a lot of experience to share with us.  It would seem rather difficult to finish the interview within one hour.  Professor Ma shared a lot of valuable experiences with us and the interview ended in less than 2 hours.  Both Professor Ma and I were not happy with the interview as I have had to find a gap to cut in so as to finish asking all ten questions, whereas Professor Ma, I assume, that he thought he was not given enough time to talk.  In the end, I did not finish asking all ten questions.  Anyway, this was my first time.

I was really impressed by Professor Ma’s enthusiasm, determination, devotion and energy even at the age of 83.  He is a kind and lovely man.  He touched my heart as soon as he mentioned his mother, I could tell that even now he still had very deep affection for his mother.  This reminded me of our Chinese culture of how we respected our parents and the kind of love for our family.

In conclusion, this role gave me some insight about other fields and the obstacles they had to experience.  Professor Ma did inspire me to work hard towards my own goals.