Participation in the project: Project Manager and Producer

Occupation: Education Management

Hobbies: Dreaming, Reading and Travelling

Reflective Log

At first, I thought it was just a project that I need to manage as usual. I wrote the funding proposal; brain stormed some ideas with my colleagues, and then submitted it. When it came back with the good news, I just make it happens.

However, the project has its own mind and made all the participants “transformed” in different sort of ways (now I understood why it is called “transformation fund”).

I never thought of adding so many roles during the project development. From being the project manager (from the funder’s point of view), I also need to deliver the training of the oral history interview.

It is essential to learn new skills with our project participants at the same time, to make the game fairer I supposed, so I took on the role of photographer. But it is not enough, with the continuous development and suggestions from different contributors; we want something more. After the field trip we all believe visual records are needed, so we need to produce video records. The roles keep rolling; audio tour is needed. To make that happen, someone has to write a script, so I wrote it, etc. There were so many different other roles I took on, and lost count of them.

I knew the salient point of our project is “creating our own history while tracing the history”, I wrote that sentence. I also knew every project participants are expected to take on more than one role, I made that rule. But I never thought of it being applied to myself as well; having said that, I do enjoy it very much. Learning is a long road, we are not only learning new skills; we also learn how to communicate with others, how to read people, and how to make our lives more fruitful.

It is team work, no matter what role(s) my team members took on, no matter the role is big or small – the only matter is to do it with your heart (and head)!

The satisfaction for me is seeing the participants to take up the interests of what they’ve participated in. We never know how we are going to use those acquired skills someday, aren’t we?