Participation in the project: Assistant Producer and AV Director

Occupation: Educational project management

Hobbies: Seeing movies, reading and drawing

Reflective Log

When I took the role of assistant producer of this project and became in charge of the audio and video production, it was bit haunting to me at the beginning. I have experience in managing projects but had not yet taken part in a role with a strong technical component. That turned out to be a big challenge for me, even though I always like learning new skills.

Fortunately, as time went by, I started to grasp the skills and develop an unexpected passion for doing technical development.

During this project, I have learned to see things from a different perspective. As the “video” girl in the project, I had to see the world through the camera’s lenses and I appreciated how beautiful the world could be.

I also learned to keep going without fear when difficulties come. We needed to finish the project within 6 months, and worked with volunteers who came from very different backgrounds and expectations. We had many constraints, mainly time and resources constraints. As one of the team leaders, I needed to make sure that our project would finish on time and within budget. Equally important, we wanted to produce a high quality final result. During this process, I sometimes felt under pressure, not to mention occasionally frustrated, but all turned out very well.

The most utmost reward that I have got was to rediscover the beauty of life. From the interviews, I was glad to be able to share other people’s stories and life experiences. By following the footprints of our Chinese pioneers in the UK, I became deeply impressed by their braveness and faith.

Our project is now moving to completion. However, this is not the end because learning is a life-long journey, which for some of us, and me in particular, will carry on forever.