Participation in the project: Researcher

Occupation: Student


Reflective Log

It is a good opportunity and experience for me to be a member in this project, my part is focus on the city of Glasgow.

Most of the time, I was searching all the information through the internet, scanning different web pages, including official websites, travelers’ blogs or diaries, etc. During this process, I had learned a lot of interesting stories, even though not all of them are useful for the project, but it really widened my sight and broadened my horizon. And my skills of searching information from the internet, the abilities of collecting and summarizing were improved.

Also, I tried to talk to my friends in Scotland, my British classmates and some professors, whose research fields are related to Chinese culture, wishing to get more information from them or their personal ideas about the relevant topics. Thereby, my communication abilities promoted.

I tried my best to find as much information as I can, and during the searching process, I got some information which was not my focus but might helpful to the whole project. Since I know this project is a team work, so I saved that kind of information and submitted with my part of work as well.

With the development of the searching, my sense of proudness of being a Chinese increases. I am happy to be a Chinese student who has the chance to study in Britain, overcoming various difficulties and growing up to become more mature person. I wish I can make my contribution to the further development of China.