Sheffield has no official Chinatown although London Road, Highfield is the centre of the Sheffield Chinese community. There are many Chinese restaurants, supermarkets and community stores; the home of the Sheffield Chinese Community Centre is also there. The Sheffield Chinese community is pressing for the street to be formally labelled Sheffield's Chinatown. The Chinese community in Sheffield is also spreading toward the city centre, with a notable number of Chinese people, greatly influenced by the city's university which has the largest number of Chinese students in the country.

  • Date: 18-Dec-2009
  • Place: London Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S2, UK

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18 December 2009

We arrived there around 1 pm, settled down, and we decided to do our last bit today (so tomorrow we could have an early start home). Sheffield is not a big city, London Road is the main area for the Chinese shops and restaurants. Although it was cold, there was no snow in Sheffield. We went for lunch first and noticed that the food cost is much lower than London. After recharging our batteries we walked around the London Road. After a brief city tour to the university area, it was time to be back at the hotel and have our final review meeting for the trip.

Sitting in that nice and cosy common room in the hotel (basically we occupied the whole room), we started a brief reflection on what we could do better. I believe our spirits were still high although we were all physically tired after a seven-day’s journey. There is always room for improvement, we learnt our lessons, and I believe we could do better for the project over the following days.

- by Chungwen Li


Driving is a lonely job. To drive all the way is particularly lonely, your team members will get off the mini-bus to do what they need to do and forget about you; and you really do not belong to any team, it is a one-man job. The mini-bus is my best companion as we spend most of the time together, and I need to take care of it as well as the luggage. We have rented a 14-seater but the rental company made a mistake and therefore I am the only driver for this trip (Ricky was supposed to be second driver but he can only sit next to me and keep me awake). I don’t mind driving; it is less complicated compared to other project activities. People don’t understand I do enjoy being a simple mind.

19 December 2010. Today is the last day of the journey and we were heading back to London after a late morning breakfast. The weather was getting worse and it was difficult to see clearly through the windscreen. The windscreen wipers were not working well as the water jet was frozen and not able to eject water to clean the windscreen. I had to stop the mini-bus a few times just to clean the windscreen, and with the freezing temperature the water jet was just kept being blocked. We had no tool to unblock it until Aubrey scarified her “pin” so it could be used to pierce though the hole of the water jet. This exercise was repeated a number of times, but I am touched that some were willing to get off the bus and help me do the cleaning / unblocking during this terrible weather, the first time I felt less lonely in this trip!

The pin has now officially recruited as our “pin member” after its great contribution.  It has not been really scarified, and it was safety pinned back to Aubrey’s coin bag.

- by Kah-Fei Ho