In 1949, the first Chinese restaurant opened in Newcastle upon Tyne. In 1988, Chinese businesses in Stowell Street – Newcastle Chinatown – were allowed to display signs in Chinese as well as English. Nowadays the Chinatown incorporates the area from Stowell Street to Westgate Road. According to the BBC, Newcastle Chinatown is also undergoing regeneration. A gateway costing £160,000 was constructed by Mainland Chinese in 2005.

  • Date: 18-Dec-2009
  • Place:
    • North East Chinese Association, 25 Stowell Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE1 4YB
    • Discovery Museum, Tyne and Wear archives & museums, Blandford Square, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4JA

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18 December 2009

The ground was covered in snow when we woke up in the morning, the roads were very difficult and we had to stick to the main roads for safety reasons. Nothing was found in the local musuem so we went on to the Chinatown – not big, basically only one street but they do have a Chinese arch. The stores were not opened as it was too early; the Chinese community centre was also closed. But we found a Chinese letter (should be translated) from their notice board which was from Cllr David Wood, the Mayor of Newcastle. It was about the murder that happened in 2008, the two vicitms were Chinese, and the letter was to inform the Chinese community in Newcastle that there were no evidence that the murder had been the reuslt of racism. The snow was getting deeper so we decided to leave Newcastle for our final destination.

- by Chungwen Li


We arrived at Newcastle the night before from Glasgow and we managed to escape the snow storm.  Nonetheless, it was a bitterly cold day with ice on the road. Our van almost skidded on the un-treated roads a number of times.  There was not much to see around the "Chinatown" district, so after taking pictures from here and there, we headed toward the museum.  Our van could not park near the museum as the road was too icy to drive on.  Being a keen photographer, I took the opportunity to take picture of the surroundings while walking and without paying too much attention on the icy road. Suddenly, everybody was shouting toward me and I was wondering what happened!  Then I noticed an oncoming vehicle was skidding out of control toward me, I tried to move away but my frozen legs would not respond and it was probably too late. An accident was waiting to happen!  I could be killed or seriously injured. I thought of my family, my wife and my two precious children.  I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable to happen. Then I heard the car door opened and a shaken voice asking: “Are you o.k.?”  I was saved!  The car managed to stop just in front of me.  The journey continues...

- by Ricky Law