Participation in the project: Researcher

Occupation: Ming-Ai Student, Electronics Operative/Technician

Hobbies: Cycling, Running, Computers, and Car show (Santa Pod, Silverstone).

Reflective Log

The oral history project is something very new for me, I am a student at the Ming Ai institute studying Chinese Mandarin which I am very much enjoying, I believe that learning a language is one thing but learning culture is another very important element in having the whole package. I had the opportunity Autumn 2009 to journey to North China, Changchun and learned a lot about culture.

Up to a few years ago my knowledge of Chinese culture only extended to bad dubbed Gong fu movies and restaurants, but there is so much more which I am discovering.

By participating in this project will give me a whole new look to China, Chinese people and especially the Chinese community which has been in British isles for a considerable length of time and have contributed greatly to the country.

Also not only about the contents of the project but I believe I can contribute in making history and gain skills and confidence as a person.