Participation in the project: Chief Artist

Occupation: Artist


Reflective Log

Travel broadens the mind. This is true both in literal and spiritual terms. The project on British Chinese workforce has been the journey through history, places and people’s lives. The crucial part of the learning process was our field trip around the UK tracing the history of Chinese emigration. It enabled me to see the vast influence the Chinese people had on the British towns and society. I was amazed by the determination and efforts they put into building their position, from taking basic jobs to creating economically successful businesses. They also managed to build successful careers in culture and politics and virtually in all walks of life. As an emigrant myself I found this experience very encouraging as I was privileged to receive many hints and suggestions related to developing my career. Within the period of a few months I have learned a lot but the most important thing for me was the opportunity to meet successful people who were keen to share their wisdom and experiences with us.

The other thing that I benefited from was our team. As an extremely independent individual I found working as part of the team quite challenging. I must admit that I did my best to enjoy cooperation and I was able to discover another side of my personality. The team spirit has been built continuously by art activities, discussions, interviews and fun we had during our field trip. Over the period of a few months we managed to build a team and friendship too, which I hope will survive in a long term.

I believe that participation in the project contributed to our better perception of the world and made us more sensitive people.